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01/6 2010

Soccer? Football? Futebol? Fútbol? Flamengo fans – Pick your language and Join Us!

Although the majority of this site is written in Portuguese we thought it would be fun and appropriate to write articles in English as well; after all this site is about Flamengo fans in United States and we do not want any fan left out because of language barriers. As matter of fact, one of the items in our “To Do” list is a translation engine for this site, so anyone would be able to translate the content we provide to their language of choice.

I would like to let our readers know that we will embrace anyone who loves Flamengo as much as we do regardless of language, religion, sex or ethnicity. Under the red and black flag, we are all one fanatic colony of vultures. But do not mistake us for just another group of crazy football (soccer) fans. No no no no, we are Flamengo fans, and we are the largest in the world with 35 million plus members (and growing). We are the 2009 Brazilian Champions (winning the title for the 6th time). A one-of- a-kind crowd that transcends border lines. The list goes on, but I will leave that for another post. One thing I can tell you for sure…“Once you are Flamengo, Flamengo eternally.”

I have heard many stories about how others came to know the team I love since the first day I was born, and although each story was quite unique there was one word that prevailed as the main motif in all these stories – passion. One could argue that to understand the passion brazilians have for their club team, you have to be born in Brazil and have grown up amongst the soccer crowd, but I disagree. We, brazilians, do love our club teams, we do share a passion that seems unmatched by what some would call as an “outsider”, but have you ever had a moment in your life in which you experienced something you never knew you could experience? Something you didn’t even know it existed? Well that’s how many “outsiders” feel when they step inside Maracanã for the first time with the stadium covered in red and black. The ground under their feet shakes as if there was a never-ending earthquake. Worst yet, it only intensifies as Flamengo puts up a display of “raça”. It is a life-changing event that this so-called “outsider” will carry with him for the rest of his life.

We shall not let any Flamengo fan be classified as an “outsider”, at FLA-USA we set out to to bring the fans together and remain together as one strong colony of vultures. So whether you have been a Flamengo fan since childhood or just recently came to know this passionate and spectacular team, we would like you to join us here at and be part of the family, participate, learn and share your soccer expertise and experiences.

“Once you are Flamengo, always Flamengo”

If you haven’t seen/heard the Flamengo Anthem in English, you might want to check it out. It was nicely done by Leandrade.

Image credit: Montagem feita por Celso Nascimento, escudo do Flamengo feito por Wilson22

Autor: Celso Nascimento


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  2. Pedro_USA
    11/28 2012

    O grupo tá morto infelizmente. :/

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